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The Length Units Conversion calculator converts a measurement of length from one of vCalc's standard units to another unit of your choice.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred length unit (e.g. the default meters) and enter the following:

  • Input_Length -- a length of your choice in your choice of units

The calculator computes the same length converted to another unit chosen for the output. 


  • To compute the total price of something base on a cost per unit length, CLICK HERE.
  • To price compare the cost of two items priced by length, CLICK HERE.
  • To price compare the cost of three items priced by length, CLICK HERE.
  • To estimate the time to produce, consume or travel a length or distance, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the length produced, consumed or traveled over time based on a length per unit time, CLICK HERE.

The Math

Length Units
angstromnanometerpixel points millimeter centimeter 
milenautical mileastronomical unitslight yearsparsecskilo-light years


This answers many, many questions, including:

  • how many meters in a mile?
  • How many meters in a nautical mile?
  • How man feet in a meter?
  • How many inches in a centimeter?
  • How many meters in an astronomical unit?
  • How many miles in a light-year?
  • How many meters in a parsec?
  • How many pixels in an inch?
  • How many nanometers in mil?
  • How many yards in a kilometer?
  • How many fathoms in a mile?

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