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Distance Conversions
cm-to-in In-to-cm
m-to-In In-to-m
m-to-Ft Ft-to-m
m-to-yd yd-to-m
km-to-Mi Mi-to-km
g-to-oz oz-to-g
kg-to-lb lb-to-kg
`""^@"C"` -to-`""^@"F"` `""^@"F"` -to-`""^@"C"`
Pa-to-inHg `"in"_"Hg"`-to-Pa
ksm-to-`"ft"_"H2O"` `"ft"_"H2O"`-to-ksm
Mililiter-to-Ounce Ounce-to-Mililiter
Liter-to-cup Cup-to-Liter
Liter-to-Quart Quart-to-Liter
Liter-to-Gallon Gallon-to-Liter
Liter-to-Cubic_Feet Cubic_Feet-to-Liter
Cubic_Meter-to-Gallon Gallon-to-Cubic_Meter
Cubic_Meter-to-Cubic_Feet Cubic_Feet-to-Cubic_Meter

This calculator contains several tabs that provide various metric-to-English and English-to-metric conversions for common household use:  conversions of length, mass, volume, temperature, pressure


  • Distance  Conversions - conversion of distance (length) units like inch, centimeter, foot, meter, mile, etc
  • Mass Conversion - conversions of mass units like grams, ounces, kilograms, pounds
  • Temperature / Pressure Conversions - conversions between Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Volume Conversions - conversions between units of volume like ounces, gallons, liters, cubic feet, cubic inches, etc