Enhanced Scoville Scale Source Weightings

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MichaelBartmess.Enhanced Scoville Scale Source Weightings
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Source Site NameStringYes
Default Source Site WeightRealYes
Source URLStringNo
Google "Scoville Scale" RankingIntegerYes
Current statistics
Default Source Site Weight13.5999999999999980.54399999999999990.11.0
Google "Scoville Scale" Ranking62.02.481.04.0

This data set is used as a Data Set-in-Equation (DiE) in the Enhanced Scoville Scale Equation.

This data set captures weightings associated with the source of SHU range data values captured from websites.  These weighting values are assigned as defaults based on two primary factors:  relative popularity and a subjective assessment of the apparent effort put into collecting the data.  Each weighting factor set is  attributed to the source site.

The factors considered in assigning an Enhanced Scoville Scale (eSS) weighting factor is based on the following:

  1. Google Page Ranking from a search on the keywords "Scoville Scale" on 23 January 2016.
  2. A subjective assessment of empirical data quality based on the nature of the presentation and detail associated.  This factor is in the range of 1.0 through 10.0.  This factor is set low values if for instance:
    • The listing of SHU ranges is for a small subset of peppers and therefore obviously presented more to compliment the expose's story and not for it's representative data value
    • The data doesn't actually present a SHU range
    • The presentation of the data is haphazard as if it were an afterthought
    •  This factor is set to a higher value if the data represents some apparent effort to incorporate detail and quality presentation:
      • The data is extensive and has many entries for many chilies
      • The data presentation took some time to put together and was apparently done to make the information