Engineering: Stress & Strain

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Fundamental Definitions
Strain Stress Cross Section
% Elongation Elastic Long Deform
% Reduction Area Modulus Elasticity
Shear Strain Thermal Expansion
Shear Modulus Expansion Coeff
Shear Strain Shear Stress
Radial Stress(inside) Tangent Stress(inside)
Radial Stress(outside) Tangent Stress(outside)
Axial Stress (inside) Axial Stress(outside)

vCalc's Stress & Strain calculator provides fundamental definitions of stress and strain and associated deformations.1 


This calculator is organized into several tabs containing basic engineering equations as follows:

  • Fundamental Definitions -  this tab contains equations defining engineering strain, shear stress and strain, and thermal deformations.
  • Cylindrical Pressure Vessel - this tab contains equations defining axial, radial, and tangential stress on a closed cylindrical vessel.


  1. ^ Fundamentals of Engineering. 8th edition, 2nd Revision.  National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) - 2001. ISBN 978-1-932613-59-9.  pg 33