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NOTE: many vCalc equations are embedded throughout vCalc descriptive pages like this page.  Even though they may not stand out in the text, if you hover over the name of an equation it will likely be linked to an actual, pop-up executable equation. For example: Arithmetic Mode

Mathematics is the study of all the pieces of mathematics.  Mathematics is actually very easy when you look at it as building block pieces.  

Mathematics comes in small pieces, in small bites.

Picture mathematics being like the set of building blocks, the wooden blocks you played with as an infant.  The rules for the simplest blocks were readily understood by even an infant.  You could stack them and line them up or play with them as individual pieces.

Mathematics is like that, like building blocks.building blocks by Rain Love AMR on Flickr

You even begin to understand mathematics as an infant.  You know there is more and less.  You can put some blocks together and you can only pick a certain number of blocks up at a time.  You know a limit.  You know when they seem to be in order.  You see they have different colors or possibly different shapes and so differ somehow while being the same.

The properties of those building blocks become your earliest knowledge of mathematics.

And next you might be presented with slightly more complex building blocks -- rectangles and and pieces of different sizes and shapes.Lego #5

And you learn to build with them and recognize them.

You have gained a next-level layer of knowledge in your mathematical world -- as an infant -- as a learning being.

And just a bit later you learn counting.  You are shown a number line and taught the equivalence between the numbers and collections of objects.  You were learning mathematics.  You were learning the basics of statistics.

Below are listed some of the most basic elements of statistics: the Arithmetic Mean,the Arithmetic Median,the Arithmetic Mode, the Range, the Minimum, the Maximum.  These area all the basic building blocks of statistics.  Even though they are not very visible as links, these named statistics functions are each links to the pop-up vCalc equations -- so try them if you haven't already

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