Drag Force on a Football

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MichaelBartmess.Drag Force on a Football

This equation computes the drag force on a football.

The equation for drag force is `F_d = 1/2 * rho * A *C_d * v^2`

We use the vCalc equation, Force of Drag, where we have set the air density, `rho`, to be a default air density of 1.2754 `(kg)/m^3`. 

We use the drag coefficient for a cone (see again the Force of Drag vCalc equation) of 0.50. 

The cross sectional area of a football, `A`, is defined by the vCalc constant, Maximum Football axis_1 or axis _2 - NCAA, (which we call  `R`) and we use `R` as the radius of the cross sectional area.  So, the area is defined as `A = pi * R^2`.

From the paper by Horn and Fearn, we estimate the default velocity of a well-thrown football to be `20 m/s`

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