Conveyor Capacity

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The Conveyor Production Capacity calculator computes the number of units of some commodity that can be moved by a conveyor system in some amount of time.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:ConveryDensity.png

  • (n) - The number of units per square meter on the conveyor.
  • (W) - The width of conveyor
  • (TS) - The transfer speed of conveyor
  • (RT) - The total run time of the conveyor

Conveyor Production Capacity: The calculator returns the number of units processed on the conveyor in the specified time.

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The Algebraic Math

`"number units moved" = ("number of units" / "unit area") * "width of conveyor" * "speed of conveyor" * "run time"`

Notice that the units help you now that you have the equation correct.  The units "cancel out" if you have built your equation properly:

`"number of units" = ("number of units" /"feet"^2) * "feet" * ("feet"/"minute") * "minutes"`

`"number of units" = ("number of units" /"feet") * ("feet"/"minute") * "minutes"`

`"number of units" = ("number of units")  * (1/"minute") * "minutes"`

`"number of units" = ("number of units") `

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