Basic Math Concepts K-12

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`K` & `1^(st)`
Comes After
Comes Before
Odd or Even?
Count by Tens
How Many Balloons?
How Many Added?
Array Count
Conversion between place values
Square Numbers
Integer X Pwr of 10
Integer `divide` Pwr of 10
Decimal X Pwr of 10
Decimal `divide` Pwr of 10
Absolute Value
Additive Inverse
Adjacent Angle
Mean `10^x` `e^X`
Cosine (cos(`angle`) `pi` Sine
2nd Deg Poly 3rd Deg Poly 4th Deg Poly
Quadratic + Quadratic - `n^"th""root of x"`
`e` Gelfond's Liouville's
Pythagoras Avogadro's speed of light
accel gravity `n^"th""root of x"` Law of Sines
5th Deg Poly `e^X` Arcsine
`P_c(n,r)` `{::}_n"C"_k` `(n)! `
`Log_10(x)` `ln` Random #

Basic concepts illustrated in equation form for grades K-12.

This calculator provides a sampling of math topics across learning stages in K-12.  There is a lot of overlap between when these topics are first encountered across the grade levels and there are many subjects not touched on here.  This is to provide a simple sampling of math encountered by students along this path.