Adding fractions

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`"Result" = `
MichaelBartmess.Adding fractions

This equation let's you select two fractions and add them together, seeing the result as either a fraction or decimal value. 

Remember, all fractions of the form `x / y` can become decimal values simply by performing the division implied.  For example, if you divide 1 by 2, (in other words, `1/2`), what do you get?  the decimal 0.5, right?

Inputs to this equation are:

  • choice - choice of seeing results as a Decimal or a Fraction
  • 1st Fraction -  choice of first fraction to add
  • 2nd Fraction -  choice of second fraction to add



For a more extensive and fun experience adding fractions, see the games by Redmond Wallace at  Redmond has a game there called Whole that will test your ability to add simple fractions.