Agricultural Optimization

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The Farm Optimizer

Every farmer is bound to operate under perfect circumstances to produce the best quality. More often than not their yield doesn't attain its best because of minor but crucial details.
The Farm Optimizer comes into play with as many Elements as Possible. It Is meant to be the farmers best friend in their day to day engagements with the farm.

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The Calculator Comes in Sections which are bound to grow as all elements are captured.


  • Conversions
  • Fertilizer
  • Poultry
  • Crops


This section is unavoidable as farmers work with different units of measure yet the products they use may come varying with the measures they are conversant with.
Farmers or any user of this calculator is advised to figure out the units of measure they wish to work with. After which they use the conversions to harmonize their working values before proceeding to a particular calculation.


This Section contains calculations that allow users calculate fertilizer quantities for mixture or application based on values relative to their farms


Different types of Poultry keeping have different specifications in terms of space usage. This section allows you to find out the optimum number of chicken you can keep within a specific area.


Different crops have different planting specifications with spacing included. The calculation present here allows one to know how many crops a piece of land is bound to bare them at optimum use of land for their crops.