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The Concrete Forms calculator computes the surface area of concrete forms based on the wall's dimensions (length, height and width).Forms.png                              Concrete Forms  

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (L) Length of the wall
  • (H) Height of the wall
  • (W) Width (thickness) of the wall
  • (s) To help with estimating the materials for the forms, this calculator has three options:
    • one side - this computes the surface area of one side of the wall
    • two sided - this computes the surface area of both faces of the wall
    • two sides and edges (default) - the computes the surface area of both faces and the vertical edges

Concrete Form Surface Area:  The surface area (sA) is computed in square feet.  However, this can be automatically converted into other area units (e.g. square meters) via the pull-down menu.

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General Information

Concrete forms are used to contain liquid concrete and maintain a shape until the concrete has solidified.  In short, it helps the concrete maintain its "form".  Forms are typically made of plywood or OSB.  

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