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The Weight of a Concrete Slab calculator estimates the weight of a rectangle (square) concrete slab. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (L) The length of a slab.
  • (W) The width of a slab.
  • (D) The depth of a slab.

Weight of a Slab (TW): The calculator returns the weight of the slab in pounds.  However, this can be automatically converted to other mass or weight units (e.g. short tons or metric tons) via the pull-down menu.

The Math / Science

The weight of a concrete slab can be estimated by computing the volume of the slab and multiplying the volume by the density of the concrete.  The formula for the weight of a slab used in this calculator is:

               TW = L•W•D•mD


  • TW = Total Weight of slab
  • L = Length of slab
  • W = Width of Slab
  • D = Depth of Slab
  • mD = Mean Density of Concrete (2400  kg / m³)

Note: This calculation does NOT include the weight of rebar.  To compute the weigh of a slab with rebar, see the Weight of a Slab with Rebar Calculator.  The Weight of a Slab with Rebar Calculator computes the weight of rebar in the rectangular slab, and removes the weight of the displaced concrete to provide the best estimate.

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