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KurtHeckman.slab - volume

The Volume of a Rectangular Concrete Slab calculator computes the cubic yards (aka volume) of concrete in a rectangle (or square) slab based onslab.png      Concrete Slab   the slab's length, width and depth. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (L) The length of the slab.
  • (W) The width of the slab
  • (D) The depth of the slab
  • (units) The default is SYSTEM which will return cubic yard (see Alternative Units)

Volume of the Slab (V): The calculator computes the volume (V) in cubic yards.  However, this can be automatic converted to other volume units (e.g. cubic meters) via the pull-down menu.  These are the SYSTEM units, which is the default.

Rebar and Slab Calculators:

Alternative Units

For the DIY crowd that mixes their own concrete, vCalc will let the user convert the SYSTEM cubic units to the number of bags of concrete in the following sizes:

  • 40lb bags
  • 60lb bags
  • 80lb bags

Once you have your answer in cubic units, click on the SYSTEM button and choose the size of bag (above), and vCalc will tell you how many bags you need for that volume of concrete.


This calculator is useful in computing the amount of concrete needed for a slab.  A guideline for the  depth of concrete is as follows:

  • 4” - Home basement floors, farm building floors
  • 4”-5” - Home garage and porches
  • 5”-6” - Sidewalks, barn and granary floors, small sheds
  • 6”-8” - Driveways