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The Rebar Weight calculator computes the total weight(w) of rebar based on the length (l) and size (s) of rebar.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred length units (e.g. feet or meters) and enter the following:

  • (l) any length of rebar
  • (s) rebar size (2-11,14,18)  

Weight of Rebar: The total weight of the specified length of rebar is computed and returned in pounds.  However, this can be automatically converted to many other weight units (e.g. kilograms or tons) via the pull-down menu.

Application of the Weight of Rebar Calculator:

Consider a basic construction materials problem where you need to compute the total weight of rebar for a job and you need the amount in pounds and kilograms.  For example, the project requires the following rebar:

  1. 700 pieces of 20 feet long rebar of size 6
  2. 300 pieces of 8 feet long rebar of size 5
  3. 400 pieces of 4 feet long rebar of size 4

Using the Weight of Rebar calculator:

  1. 20 feet of #6 is 30.1 pounds.  If you have 700 pieces of 20' #6, that's 700 x 30.1 pounds = 21,070 pounds or 9,558.5 kilograms
  2. 8 feet of #5 is 8.36 pounds. If you have 300 pieces of 8' #5, that's 300 x 8.36 pounds = 2,509 pounds or 1138.2 kilograms
  3. 4 feet of #4 is 2.69 pounds.  If you have 400 pieces of 4' #4, that's 400 x 2.69 pounds = 1,076 pounds or 487.7 kilograms
  4. And the total would be the sum of 21,070 pounds + 2,508 pounds + 1,076 pounds = 24,654 pounds 11,182.8 kilograms

Rebar Calculators:

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  • To compute the weight of a rebar grid, one or more mats, in a slab,CLICK HERE.

General Information

The rebar sizes indicate the diameter of the rebar rods (see Rebar Specification table).  The default input length is feet, and the default output is in pounds, but both can be changed with the pull-down menus to any length (e.g. meters or miles) and any weight (e.g. kilograms, U.S. tons or Metric tons).
RebarSpec.jpg       REBAR diameter and weight specifications
The length of rebar is multiplied by the pounds per foot, which is based on the size of the rebar (2-11,14,18).