What to do in Frederick Maryland

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The What to Do in Frederick Maryland utility provides a quick lookup of the address of many of the best leisure activiites within an hour's drive of downtown Frederick, Maryland. 


  1. Click on the Names pull-down menu and choose an activity from the list.

Pick for Me

Instead of a name, you can choose "Pick for Me" and a randomly chosen activity and it's address will be shown.  This is kind of like the old Magic Eight Ball toy, except this points the way to a great thing to do.  Pick for Me is the default and you'll always be shown a great activity when open this page, but you can still choose an Activity by name.

Frederick's Leisure Activities

Frederick, Maryland has some of the finest and funnest leisure activities that you could want in a beautiful small city.  Every activity in this tool is excellent and some are even famous.  All of the activities in this are either in downtown Frederick or within an hour's drive.    The restaurants included are:

Barbara Fritchie House,C&O Canal Path,Drive past the DO NOT ENTER signs at Camp David,Drive to Harpers Ferry and walk around,Everedy Square Shab Row, Francis Scott Key Mall, Frederick Keys Baseball Game,Gambrill State Park,Go Antiquing,Go to Baker Park,Go to Cunningham Falls,Go to the Fairgrounds,Go to the Weinburg,Hike the Appalachian Trail,Hike up Sugarloaf Mountain,National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Pinecliff Park,Regal Cinemas Westview 16 and IMAX,See Scheifferstadt  Architectural Museum,Take the Train to Washington D.C.,Walk along Carroll Creek Promenade,Walk along Market Street,Walk around Monocacy National Battle Field

If you would like to see others included in this list or have a recommendation, add a comment below and we'll update the tool with your request.

Have Fun!