Tile Count Estimator

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KurtHeckman.Tile Count Estimator

The Tile Count Estimator calculator computes the number of tiles needed for an area.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the preferred units and enter the following:

  • (L)  This is the length of the tiled area.
  • (W)  This is the width of the tiled area.
  • (S)  Choose a size of tile from the pull-down list (see below).

Tile Count (TC): The calculator returns the number of tiles required to cover the area.  A 10% addition is recommended for broken tiles and partial tiles that are cut.

The Math Science

The standard tile sizes are shown in the table.

1"x1" 1"x2" 1"x4" 1"x6"
2"x2" 2"x4" 2"x6" 3"x3"
3"x6" 3"x12" 4"x4" 4"x6"
4"x8" 6"x6"  1DMx1DM 6"x12"
8"x8" 9"x9"  10"x10" 12"x12"
14"x14" 16"x16"  18"x18" 19.7"x19.7"
20"x20" 24"x24"DM is decimeter

The estimate is made by:

  1. computing the total area (length * width)
  2. dividing the total area by the unit dimension of the selected tile.