Temperature Coefficient Q10

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`Q_(10) = `
KurtHeckman.Temperature Coefficient Q10

The Coefficient, Q10 calculator computes the unitless measure of the rate of change of a biological or chemical process as a consequence of increasing the system's temperature by 10 C.  

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred temperature units and enter the following:

  • (t2) - This is the higher temperature
  • (t1) - This is the lower temperature
  • (k2) - This is the metabolic rate at t2
  • (k1) - This is the metabolic rate at t1

The Q10 ratio is computed and returned.  It has no units.

General Information

This Q10 coefficient is used to represent nerve conduction velocity and  the contraction velocity of muscle fibers. This  Q10 coefficient is also used to measure the rate of change of chemical reactions.

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