Size of a Triangle Garden

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The Area of a Triangle with three known Sides calculator Trianlge.png  Triangle with 3 known Sides computes the area of a triangle given the length the triangle's three sides.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the length units you wish (e.g. feet or meters) and enter the following:

  • (a)  The length of side a of the triangle.
  • (b)  The length of side b of the triangle.
  • (c)  The length of side c of the triangle.

The calculator computes the Area of the Triangle (A) in units of square feet  However, this can be automatically converted to other area units (e.g. square meters or acres) via the pull-down menu.

A note on Triangles

The calculator makes a check that no one side is greater than the sum of the other two.  In that case, it is impossible to have a triangle.