Simple Corn Yield

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`Rough Yield_"bushels" = `
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The Simple Corn Yield equation computes a rough estimate of corn yield on land KernelSizes.pngbased on three samples of kernels per ear, the number of ears in a 1000th acre row CLICK HERE, a rough estimate of the kernel size (small, medium, large) and the number of acres in corn.

Kernel size affect kernels per bushel:

  • small kernels: 120000.0 1/bu 
  • medium kernels: 90000.0 1/bu
  • large kernels: 80000.0 1/bu

Corn Yield

The better estimation for corn yield takes a bigger sample and takes into account moisture correction to better compute the end (dried) corn yield.  This better method can be found in the process laid out in the Corn Yield Estimation Calculator.   However, this calculator provides an approximation with a smaller sample size (three ears) and no moisture correction.


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