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KurtHeckman.Room - stud count

The Studs for a Room calculator computes the number of stud boards required for a room based on the length of the four walls. Roomstudcount-illustration.png Note: the stud count includes the extra studs at the corners where the walls meet.  These extra studs are use to create solid interior corners for drywall or other wall coverings. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following:

  • (l) This is the length of the room (see diagram)
  • (w) This is the width of the room (see diagram)
  • (oC) This is the on-center spacing of the studs.  A default of 16" is used, but you can override this value.

The number of studs required are computed. Note, this number does not include the base nor top plates since longer boards are typically used for those.

To compute the cost of studs needed to frame a room, CLICK HERE