Room - Wall Paint Cost

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KurtHeckman.Room - Wall Paint Cost

The Cost to Paint a Room calculator estimates the cost of paint or primer needed to cover a rectangular room (blue in diagram) based on the length, width and height of the room. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following: room-Paint.png 

  • (l)  Length of the room
  • (w) Width of the room 
  • (h)  Height of the room
  • (pP)  Choose paint or primer
  • (uP) This is the price of one gallon of paint or primer (see Unit Price below).

Total Cost: The calculator computes the number of gallons of paint or primer needed for the room and uses volume to compute the cost in U.S. dollars.  However, this can be automatically converted into other currency units via the pull-down menu. 

Notes: This formula will round up on the number of gallons used for pricing if the fraction part of the number of gallons is greater than 10%.  Also, this does not include the ceiling.  Often ceilings are painted with different paint since they tend to have less contact with people and other things, and because ceilings make for nice accent (lighter) surfaces.

  • To compute the surface area of the walls of a room, CLICK HERE.
  • To compute the number of gallons to paint or prime a room, CLICK HERE.

Unit Pricing

You should use the pricing for paint or primer that you can get locally.  However, the following prices are recent U.S. dollar costs for different price ranges of paint and primer in the United States: