Room - Plate count

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KurtHeckman.Room - Plate count

The Plate Board Count for a Room calculator computes the number of top and bottom plate boards required for a room based on the length of the four walls and whether the top plate is doubled or single. Note: top plates are often doubled for load bearing walls. The user can choose from a list of standard board lengths with a default of 10 feet.RoomPlatecount-illustration.png

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following:

  • (l) This is the length of the room (see diagram)
  • (w) This is the width of the room (see diagram)
  • (bL) This is the length of the lumber used for the plate boards. Choose from the list.
  • (TP) This indicates whether the top plates are single boards or doubled for strength.

The Plate Boards required are computed and their number returned.

To compute a cost estimate for plate boards in a room, CLICK HERE.