Room - Drywall sheets

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KurtHeckman.Room - Drywall sheets

The Drywall Needed for a Room calculator computes the number of drywall sheets required to cover a walls of a rectangular room based on the length and height of the walls.RoomDrywallsheets-illustration.png Dimensions of a Room

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the preferred units and enter the following:

  • (L)  This is the length of the room.
  • (W) This is the width of the room.
  • (H)  This is the height of the room.
  • (SS)  This is the size of the drywall sheets (4x8 or 4x12)

Number of Drywall Sheets:  The calculator returns the number of drywall sheets.

General Information

This calculator computes the area of the room and then divides the area by either:

  • 32 square feet for a 4x8
  • 48 square feet for a 4x12

Walls are often drywalled with a thicker material than ceilings because the come into more contact with things and people.  That's why it's not uncommon for walls to be 5/8" thick drywall and ceilings to be 1/2".