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`"Shingle"_"unit cost" = `
KurtHeckman.Roof - Shingle Pricing

The shingle pricing function provides information from vCalc's data repository on the latest pricing information for shingles.. 


The shingle pricing function looks up the most recent pricing data for shingle, and displays them to the user.  The user can choose to see any of the following:

  • date - the date of the most recent set of pricing observations used in the shingle costing equations.
  • store - the store (e.g. Lowe's, Home Depot) who's website was used or store was visited to make the pricing observation.
  • economy - this is the lowest observed price of a bundle of shingles (excluding clearances)
  • low - this is a low price that was observed with numerous options
  • mid - this is a mid (median) price that was observed with numerous options
  • high - this is a high price that was observed with numerous options
  • premium - this is a highest price observed 

The prices are for a single bundle of shingles (one square) and are in U.S. dollars.  The pricing data is gather every two months from nationally advertised prices on the websites of DIY providers such as (Lowes and Home Depot).  This is only an estimate, and may vary based on the price of shingles that you purchase. Furthermore, it does not include the cost of ridge shingles, under cover (tar paper or felt), or other materials such as flashing, nails and glues.  

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