Rectangular Fryer Volume

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KurtHeckman.Rectangular Fryer Volume

The Rectangular Fryer Volume formula computes the volume (v)Rectangle Fryer.png Deep Fryer in fluid ounces that a rectangular fryer or other rectangular shaped pan can hold based on its dimensions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the preferred units and enter the following:

  • (l) This is the length of the inner chamber of the fryer. 
  • (w) This is the width of the inner chamber of the fryer. 
  • (d) This is the safe oil depth of the inner chamber of the fryer. 

Volume of a Rectangular Fryer (V): The calculator returns the volume (V) in fluid ounces.  However, this can be automatically converted to other units via the pull-down menu.  These are the Standard Units built into the vCalc math engine.  This calculator also has an option for Kitchen Units feature helps you use different measuring cups in the kitchen to correctly add up to the prescribed volume.  

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General Information

A common holiday tradition is to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.  One of the recent trends is deep frying a turkey.  This formula helps you know how many fluid ounces of cooking oil is needed for your deep fryer pot by measuring the interior dimensions of the fryer.