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Platinum Value
Platinum SPOT ($/gram)
Platinum SPOT ($/Oz)

The Platinum Calculator has equations, constants and online data useful for Jewelers and other merchants or buyers of platinum.

The formulas and data include the SPOT price is in U.S. dollars per gram (currently $28.80707  per gram).  The values are updated every two minutes.


The Platinum Calculator is useful for those who buy scrap metal or those who wish to have an estimate of the value of their scrap metal.

Platinum Value (Scrap Buy Price)

The Platinum Value (Jeweler's Buy Price) equation lets you:

  1. enter the weight of your scrap palladium on one of many units, 
  2. It then asks for the purity (e.g. % pure silver).  
  3. It then asks for a refiners fee (e.g. 5%), and
  4. it asks for the fee (profit) of the buyer.

It then returns the buy price of the platinum accounting for the above factors and the current platinum spot price.

SPOT Prices

This is a simple equation where you choose a precious metal from the list, enter the weight of the refined metal you have and it provides a current value based on the current SPOT price.  The default amount is one Troy ounces so the spot price of the metals is provided by default.



This calculator was compiled with functions geared to meet the daily needs of a professional jeweler or pawn broker.  Requests for new equations and/or corrections to existing equations will be rapidly implemented.  Use the REPORT A PROBLEM button.

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