Nails for Roof Sheeting

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The Nails Needed for Roof Sheeting calculator computes the approximate number of nails needed to nail 4x8 sheets to trusses or rafters on a roof based on the dimensions of the roof, spacing of nails on the edges and field of the 4x8, and whether blocking or clips are use.

INSTRUCTION:  Choose units and enter the following:Roof Diagram.png

  • (L) The length of the area covered by the roof
  • (W) The width of the area covered by the roof                    BN Products timthumb.jpg    RHF9021NS Air Framing Nailer 
  • (P) The pitch of the roof in rise over run
  • (eS) The edge spacing of nails.
  • (fS) The field spacing of nails.
  • (BC) Choose Blocking or Clips

Number of Nails (N): The calculator returns the number of nails needed.  A typical box of nails may have 5,000 nails. 

Special thanks to Larry Hunt for technical guidance on this calculator.  
This calculator answers the following questions:

  1. How many nails do I need for my pneumatic nail gun?
  2. How many nails do I need to put plywood or OSB on rafters or trusses?

4x8 sheets on a roof

Using the length, width and pitch, the calculator computes the square footage of the roof.  It then computes the number of 4x8 sheets required to cover the roof.  Modern construction techniques take advantage of the time saving achieved through using pneumatic nail guns.  Nail guns like the RHF9021NS Air Framing Nailer from BN Products are used to rapidly nail sheeting to roof trusses saving time and money. Roof Sheets on Trusses.png

Blocking or Clips

The number of nails that will be needed are determined by the pattern of nails.  There are two different patterns for nails based on whether there is blocking that allows continuous edges or if clips are used.  The diagram shows the two patterns.
Roof Nail Pattern.png