Mulching with Straw

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The Bales of Straw Needed for Mulching calculators computes the number ofFieldDimensions.jpg                               AREA COVERED  regular square-bales of straw or hay needed to cover an area such as a field, garden  or planter deep enough to act as mulch.  To compute the bales of straw to mulch an irregular shaped field, plot, garden or planter, CLICK HERE.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your length units and enter the following:

  • (L) The length of the rectangular area
  • (W) The width of the rectangular area

The Bales of Straw Needed to Mulch an Area calculator will then compute the area in square feet and divide by the number of square feet covered in a single bale of straw.  This will result in the total number of bales needed for ground cover of the area.


Mulching is different than ground cover for planting.  For mulching, one wants to suppress the growth of grass and weeds.  For ground cover, one wants to protect grass seed and young seedlings to encourage grass growth and moisture retention.  The differences is in the depth of the straw laid.  This calculator computes straw deep enough to suppress weed growth.

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