Fun in Frederick Maryland

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Stay in or go out?
Dining in Frederick Maryland
What to do in Frederick Maryland
What kind of movie?
Who Pays?
Is my date too young?
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The Fun in Frederick app is a fun tool for planning dinner out or a fun activity in Frederick, Maryland.  This light-hearted tool helps direct the perfect date night.  Additionally, it provides some tongue-in-cheek advice on who should pay and whether your date may be too young for you.


The app will randomly choose different actions to help compose the perfect date night.  Of course, vCalc advises that a little knowledge and consideration of your date partner's personal preferences and temperament will go a long way.  But, if you're completely stuck for ideas, this may help.

The actions will choose from the following categories:

  • Stay in or go out? -  Some times the best date is no date, and time alone at home.
  • Dining in Frederick Maryland - Restaurant info (name, address and phone#) on great restaurants in the area and a random selection if you can't decide.
  • Wat to do in Frederick Maryland - Leisure activity info on fun activities in the area and a random selection if you can't decide.
  • What Kind of Movie Should We See?
  • Who Pays?
  • Is my date too young?

Is my date too young?

The calculation for whether your date is too young for you is based on the rough estimate that your date generally should not be younger than seven years older than half your age.  Enter your age and your partner's age for a meaningless, tongue in cheek and fun appraisal of how your age difference may be perceived.

Food Choices

This will randomly choose a fine local restaurant for your date or provide the address and phone of the restaurant you choose.  The choices include the following: Ayse Meze Lounge,Bangkok Thai Kitchen,Black Hog,Brewers Alley,Carrabbas Italian Grill,Dutchs Daughter,Family Meal,Firestones Culinary Tavern,Gladchuks,Glory Days Grill,Hinode,Isabellas Tavern and Tapas,Juliets,La Paz,Le Parc,Lucky Corner,Magoos Pub and Eatery,Mango Grill,Mealeys,Miyako,Olives,Red Horse Steak House,Romanos Macaroni Grill,Schmankerl Stube,South Mountain Inn,Sumittra Thai Cuisine,Tasting Room,Volt,

Activity Choices

This will randomly choose a fun local attraction for your date or provide the address of the attraction you choose. The choices include the following: Barbara Fritchie House,C&O Canal Path,Drive past the DO NOT ENTER signs at Camp David,Drive to Harpers Ferry and walk around,Everedy Square Shab Row, Francis Scott Key Mall, Frederick Keys Baseball Game,Gambrill State Park,Go Antiquing,Go to Baker Park,Go to Cunningham Falls,Go to the Fairgrounds,Go to the Weinburg,Hike the Appalachian Trail,Hike up Sugarloaf Mountain,National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Pinecliff Park,Regal Cinemas Westview 16 and IMAX,See Scheifferstadt  Architectural Museum,Take the Train to Washington D.C.,Walk along Carroll Creek Promenade,Walk along Market Street,Walk around Monocacy National Battle Field