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KurtHeckman.Foundation - Blocks

The Blocks Needed for a Foundation calculator computes the number of blocks needed for the walls of a foundation.   FoundationBlocks-illustration.pngMasonry Foundation

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose your preferred units and enter the following:

  • (L) Length of the foundation.
  • (W) Width of the foundation.
  • (H) Height of the foundation
  • (BS) Block Size used in the foundation (Choose One)

Blocks Needed: The calculator returns the total number of blocks needed for the foundation.

To compute the amount of concrete needed for a poured foundation, CLICK HERE.

General Information

 Note: this implies that wall is one block deep.   The user identifies the dimensions of the foundation in height and length and width (see diagram) and chooses the types of block from the pull down list.

To provide the number of blocks, vCalc calculates the area of the walls and then uses the standard dimensions of the blocks to determine how many blocks are needed for the construction of the walls. The standard dimensions of the blocks take into account the mortar joint.

This is an ESTIMATION, and actual number of bricks or blocks needed may vary based on the thickness of the mortar joints and other factors.

Standard brick sizes are measured by height. length, and width (depth) and the choices include: block(8x12x8)

  • block(8x12x12)
  • block(8x16x8)
  • block(8x16x12)
  • block(8x18x8)
  • block(8x18x12)
  • block(8x18x16)
  • block(8x24x8)
  • block(8x24x12)
  • block(2x24x16)

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