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The Flooring Calculator helps compute the material amounts and cost for flooring projects ranging from backyard decks to indoor tiling, carpet, linoleum, hardwood and more.  It even has a powerful feature to compare cost between flooring choices, and includes periodic online price surveys of common flooring materials.floor - deck boards.pngFloorSubfloorsheets-illustration.pngFloorJoistcount-illustration.pngFloor Joists - 4x8 Subfloor - Deck Boards



  • Area Calculator: a simple area calculation that lets the user enter the length and width of the area to provide the area calculation needed for any estimate.
  • Tile Count Estimator: this computes the number of tiles needed based on the area and the unit size of a rectangular tile.  Twenty five (25) different tile sizes are available in the pull down menu ranging from 1 inch by 1 inch (1x1) to twenty for inches by twenty four inches (24x24) and many in between.
  • Tile Price Comparison: this lets you enter the specifications for two different boxes of tiles including the dimensions of the tiles, the number of tiles in each box, and the price of the box.  It then tells you which box is the better bargain.  For example, it will tell you that a box of 10-12x18 tiles costing $56.10 is 68% cheaper by the area than a box of 8-6x8 tiles costing $16.80. 
  • Flooring Material Cost: this computes the cost of flooring based on the area (A) and the unit price (UP) per square foot. 
  • Hardwood Refinishing Cost Estimator: this calculator computes the estimated cost of refinishing hardwood in a room based on the area (Length * Width) and the Price per Square Foot to refinish.
  • 4x8 Sheet Count:  This computes the number of 4x8 sheets needed to put a subfloor on top of your joists, below the final flooring.
  • 4x8 Sheet Cost:  This computes the cost of subflooring needed.
  • Floor Joist Count: This computes the number of floor joists needed for the area.
  • Floor Joist Cost: This computes the total cost of the floor joist boards.

Price Survey Data

One  should use the pricing for flooring materials that can be bought locally.  However, the following prices are for different flooring materials and price points in the United States:

Flooring Pricing Survey Data
TypeStore  Date  PremiumHighMidLowEconomy 
Ceramic TileHome Depot2/9/18$5.93$3.97$1.89$0.79$0.49
HardwoodHome Depot2/9/18$8.57$6.29$5.79$4.09$2.99
Hardwood LaminateHome Depot2/9/18$6.49$4.79$3.11$2.73$1.99
Carpet TileLowes2/9/181.191.552.393.393.7
Carpet PaddingLowe's2/1/16$1.12$1.04$0.84$0.68$0.55
Linoleum TileLowe's2/1/16$4.79$4.29$1.25$0.68$0.38

Note:  Local pricing can often be the best due to sales and liquidations.  In this case use [Could not locate page KurtHeckman.Price per Area] formula. 


These equations are for estimation purposes only, and the user may realized significantly different realized costs based on local pricing, application and numerous other factors.

  • The pricing information above does note include installation.  This can be a significant cost if a contractor is hired. 
  • There are often finishing materials (trimmings) in jobs that are not included above.
  • There are sub materials (e.g. tack boards for carpets).  The only underlay material with cost data included is carpet padding.

Furthermore, vCalc does not endorse or recommend any product or service provider.  All references herein are for information only.

The Flooring Calculator answers:

If you are a "do it yourself" (DIY) kind of person and willing to do the installation of the different flooring types, the main cost is the materials.  This calculator helps with calculating the materials needed, and in providing an estimate of the cost of the materials based on recent pricing and your area specifications.  Use this calculator to see if you can afford a higher quality or longer living flooring material.  Enter your dimensions and then click through the material options to see how much the material costs would be for the area you've defined.

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