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The Field Size Acre calculator computes the area of a      Four Sided Field  quadrilateral.pnga field with four straight sides (a quadrilateral) given the length of the four sides and the length of a diagonal between opposing corners.  


Start in one corner of your field, and measure the length of the four sides (a,b,c,d).  Then from the original corner, measure the diagonal (D) to the far corner.  See diagram.  Then enter measurements above.

Enter the following:

  • (a) - length of side a
  • (b) - length of side b
  • (c) - length of side c
  • (d) - length of side d
  • (D) - the length of the diagonal  (See Diagram)

Note: there are default units in the English system (feet).  However, the calculator allows the user to choose different units (e.g.  yards, meters, miles) and the calculator accounts for the different units in computing the area.  Furthermore, the default output unit is acres, but this can also be automatically converted via the pull down menu next to the answer and convert square meters to other area units such as square feet, yard, miles, and kilometers.

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