Dining in Frederick Maryland

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The Dining in Frederick info utility provides a quick lookup of the address and phone number of the best restaurants within an hour's drive of downtown Frederick, Maryland. 


  1. Click on the Names pull-down menu and choose a restaurant from the list.  Then,
  2. click on the Info pull-down menu and choose to see the restaurant's type (e.g. seafood or Mediterranean), street address or phone number.

Pick for Me

Instead of a name, you can choose "Pick for Me" and a randomly chosen restaurant and it's address will be shown.  This is kind of like the old Magic Eight Ball toy, except this points the way to a great place to eat.  Pick for Me is the default and you'll always be shown a great restaurant when open this page, but you can still choose a restaurant and info (type, address or phone) of specific restaurants by name.

Frederick's Restaurants

Frederick, Maryland has some of the finest restaurants that you could want.  Every restaurant in this tool is excellent and some are even famous.  All of the restaurants in this are either in downtown Frederick or within an hour's drive.  There are only two in the neighboring city of Hagerstown, but they are worth the 45 minute drive.   The restaurants included are:

Ayse Meze Lounge,Bangkok Thai Kitchen,Black Hog,Brewers Alley,Carrabbas Italian Grill,Dutchs Daughter,Family Meal,Firestones Culinary Tavern,Gladchuks,Glory Days Grill,Hinode,Isabellas Tavern and Tapas,Juliets,La Paz,Le Parc,Lucky Corner,Magoos Pub and Eatery,Mango Grill,Mealeys,Miyako,Olives,Red Horse Steak House,Romanos Macaroni Grill,Schmankerl Stube,South Mountain Inn,Sumittra Thai Cuisine,Tasting Room,Volt,

If you would like to see others included in this list or have a recommendation, add a comment below and we'll update the tool with your request.

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