Deep Fryer

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Turkey Deep Fry Time
Oil needed for Turkey Fryer
Volume of a Bird
Bird Fryer Volume
Circular Fryer Volume
Rectangular Fryer Volume
Time to Thaw a Frozen Turkey

The Deep Fryer Calculator computes the Amount of Oil you need to buy TurkeyDeepFried.png    Deep Fried Turkeyand Time Needed to Deep Fry different types of food in different shaped fryers.

Cooking Metrics functions include the follow:

  • Turkey Deep Fry Time: This computes theamount of time the turkey needs to be in the fryer.
  • Oil needed for Turkey Fryer: This compute the maxamount of oil needed to deep fry your turkey based on its weight and the volume of your deep fryer.
  • Volume of a Turkey: This computes the approximate displacement (volume) of a turkey in fluid ounces. Fryers.png  Different Shaped Deep Fryers  
  • Oil to Fill a Rectangular Deep Fryer:  This computes the amount oil in fluid ounces to fill a rectangular deep fryer.
  • Oil to Fill a Circular (Cylindrical) Fryer: This computes the amount of oil in fluid ounces to fill a circular or cylindrical deep fryer.
  • Oil to Fill a Bird Fryer: This computes the amount of oil in fluid ounces to fill a Bird Fryer.

See Diagrams for the shapes and dimensions of the different fryers.