Date Night

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Is my date too young?
Stay in or go out?
What to do?
What kind of food?
What kind of movie?
Who Pays?
All Clear

The Date Night calculator is for the people who can't make up their minds when planning a date.  This light-hearted calculator helps imagine the perfect date night.  Additionally, it provides some tongue-in-cheek advice on whether your date partner may be too young for you.


The calculator will randomly choose different actions to help compose the perfect date night.  Of course, vCalc advises that a little knowledge and consideration of your date partner's personal preferences and temperament will go a long way.  But, if you're completely stuck for ideas, this may help.

The actions will choose from the following categories:

  • Stay in?  (or go out)
  • Who Pays?
  • What Kind of Food?
  • What Should We Do?
  • What Kind of Movie Should We See?

Is my date too young?

The calculation for whether your date is too young for you is based on the rough estimate that your date generally should not be younger than seven years older than half your age.  Enter your age and your partner's age for a (meaningless) appraisal of how your age difference may be perceived.

Food choices

This will randomly choose a type of food to eat on your date at a local restaurant.  The choices include the following:

  • Italian food - This includes fine Italian dining, or may simply be to order a pizza.  My favorite Italian restaurant chains include Maggiano's, Caraba's or UNO's for good sit-down dinners, Ledo's and Pizza Hut for pizza.  But you can't beat a great neighborhood pizzeria.
  • Sushi - gotta love the fun of a hibachi grill and the delicious tastes of sushi.
  • Chinese Food - Who doesn't love fortune cookies?
  • Seafood - I love seafood, and my favorite  seafood chains are: the Chart House, Legal Sea Food, the Fish Market, and even a good Red Lobster, but there are times that Long John Silver's is right on the money.
  • Fast food - Yep, you know the drill.  McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, KFC and Tim Horton's (for our friends from Canada).
  • Mexican Food - Ah guacamole!  Re-fried beans and rice, home made tortillas, burritos, fajitas, flautas, enchiladas and chile rellenos.  Don't forget the fried ice-cream!
  • Healthy - Yes, a salad can be delicious (but it usually requires some UN-healthy additions)
  • Comfort food - I admit it, I'm a stress eater, and sometimes you need to dive into it.
  • Diner - Greasy spoon or community hang-out, and breakfast any time of day, and that's a real diner.
  • French food - I'm a novice here, but the little French food that I've had was wonderful.

I should really add Thai food and Indian.  They are two of my favorites now.