Dairy Herd Production

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The Dairy Herd Production calculator computes the amount of milk produced in gallons for a herd of dairy cows based on the number of milking cows, the average annual production per cow, and the period of production (e.g. 2 months).

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose your preferred units (e.g. gallons or liters) and enter the following:

  • (cows)  This is the number of milk producing cows in the herd.
  • (ampc)  This is the average amount of milk produced per cow in a year (see Annual Production below).
  • (PP) This is the period of production.  The default is one month.  You can override the number and choose different time units (e.g. year).

The calculator returns the Total Production (TP) in gallons during the period of production.  The gallons of total production can be automatically converted to other volume units (e.g. liters) via the pull-down menu.

Annual Production

The average amount of milk produced per cow has grown dramatically in the last 100 years.  Dairy Production Average.pngNot long ago, the average cow in America only produced 500 gallons per year.  Now, the average production is 2,500 gallons per cow per year, which is the default in the calculator above.  This is the result of better breeding, diet and health of the animals.  You can override the default and enter your own numbers if you wish.