Crusher Run for a Driveway

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The Crusher Run Needed for Lane calculator computes weight (tons) and volume (cubic yards) of crusher run needed for a driveway or lane based on the length and width of the lane and the desired depth of crusher run (crushed stone).  Lane.png


  • (L) This is the length of the lane
  • (W) This is the width of the lane
  • (D)  This is the depth of the Crusher Run

Crusher Run Needed: The calculator returns the weight of crusher run in tons (U.S. tons = 2,000 lbs) and volume of crusher run in cubic yards.

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The Math / Science

The volume calculation is a simple three dimensional calculation, where 

   volume = length • width • depth

The weight of the crusher run is based on the formula

   mass = volume • density


  • volume is the volume of the driveway or lane
  • density is the density of crusher run ( 2195.12 kg/m3)