Corn Moisture Correction

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The Corn Moisture Correction formula computes the correction factor for corn weight based on the corns measured moisture percent.

INSTRUCTIONS: To compute the moisture correction factor for corn, enter the following:

  • (w)  This is the percent (%) of moisture in your corn

Moisture Correction Factor: The calculator returns the Moisture Correction factor.  This function is part of the Corn Yield Estimation Calculator.

The Math / Science

A Moisture Correction Factor is used as a factor in corn yield estimation in order to compensate for the change in moisture in the corn from the field to the dried corn sold at market.  The assumption is that corn is harvested and dried to the industry standard level before it is sold on the market.  Therefore, this formula uses the moisture of dry corn (MDC = 15.5 %).  It approximates the amount of shrinkage by volume that will occur from the field to the point it's ready for the market due to drying.

Moisture Measurement Methods

This simplest method to measure the percentage of moisture is with specialized equipment for the purpose such as Digital Moisture Balance or other moisture tester.  There is also a method using equal size samples, a good scale and your microwave oven.  (See HERE)


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