Corn Grain Yield Estimator

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The Corn Grain Yield calculator estimates the amount of corn produced in a field based on the acres (a), the results of a 1,000th acre sample including the number of ears in the  (ears), the size estimate of your sample kernels (s), the average kernels per ear (KPE) in your sample. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the following information from your 1000th acre sample:

  • (S) Choose a size indicator of the size of kernels [small, medium, large] (For more information, see Kernel Size description below.)
  • (KPE) This is the average number of harvestable kernels per ear in your sample 
  • (ears) This is the number of ears in your 1000th acre sample.
  • (a) This is the number of acres of corn.  Note: the default is 1 acre which will give you your bushels of corn per acre. You can then enter the number of acres you have in corn to provide the total estimated yield for your land.

CORN YIELD: The calculator returns an estimate of the bushels of corn for a the number of acres specified.  A more accurate Corn Yield Estimation is available in the CORN YIELD ESTIMATION CALCULATOR.  It has a step by step process and includes moisture corrections for a more accurate estimation of corn yield.

General Information

Note: the rounded ends of the head are not considered since the combine will often not collect those kernels.

Kernel Size

This formula uses the default of average sized kernels of corn in a bushel.  The ratios are as follows:KernelSizes.png  Kernel Sizes  

  • small - small kernels require 120,000 kernels in a bushel
  • medium - medium (average) sized kernels require 90,000 kernels in a bushel.
  • large - large kernels only require 80,000 kernels for a bushel. 

To compute the length of a thousandth (1/1000th) acre row, click HERE.


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