Camber Ground Clearance Redution

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Camber Ground Clearance Reduction equation calculates how much the axle is lowered (camber drop) based on the (h) height or diameter of the tire and the camber angle (cA).      Camber.png        Tire Camber and Ground Clearance  


The vertical tilt of a tire is called its camber.  The camber angle (cA) is the measurement of that tilt.  This formula calculates the effect of camber angle on the ground clearance of a vehicle.  Geometry dictates that any angle from a point to the ground creates a right triangle with the ground clearance being the adjacent side and half of the tire's diameter being the hypotenuse.  The cosine of the camber angle computes the new ground clearance and the difference is the drop. 

Does the Camber angle lower a vehicle and affect the ground clearance?  The reduction is usually very small, but not zero.   This formula will tell you how much.  Note: it does not account for the compression or flattening of the edge of the tire.

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Thanks to James Heckman for the technical description of tire camber.