Ballistic Flight Parabolic Equation

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The Ballistic Flight Parabolic Equation calculator computes the parabolic equation coefficients based on the launch angle above the horizon (θ) at an initial velocity (V) assuming a constant downward acceleration (g).Ballistic Range.PNG

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose units and enter the following:

Parabolic Flight Equation:  The calculator returns the equation of the parabola to match the flight.

Ballistic Flight Equations and Calculators:


The Math / Science

The formula for the parabolic flight equation is:

     y = a•x² + b•x + c


The addition of the initial height (h) to the Max Altitude and Range have the effect of shifting the parabola to the right, when all that is wanted is a shift up.

One of the most common representations of a parabola in nature is an object moving in the gravitational field of a massive body, such as the projectile motion of a body affected by the Earth's gravity.  The figure shows the parabolic trajectory typifying a projectile that is affected solely by gravity, g.


[Figure] Initial velocity of parabolic throwing
Source: Wikipedia / Fizped (modified to include motion equation)