Airline Carry-On Checker

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KurtHeckman.Airline Carry-On Checker

The Airline Carry-on Check formula provide airline carry-on sizecarry-on.jpg Size Check at Delta.  requirements and will evaluate your carry-on for compliance based on the regulations of the major airlines.   CLICK HERE FOR CURRENCY CONVERSION.



This calculator has two main options:

  1. Provide Info
  2. Compare Dimensions

Provide Info

If you choose "Info", you will have to select an airline from the pull-down menu.  vCalc will then provide the following dimension requirements for Carry-On baggage for that airline:
CarryOn.png Carry-on Bag Dimensions. 

  • Airline Name
  • Maximum Length of Carry-on
  • Maximum Height of Carry-on
  • Maximum Width of Carry-on
  • Maximum Total Linear Inches (combined dimensions)
  • Maximum Weight

Compare Luggage Dimension

If you enter the dimensions of your luggage (length, height, width and weight) and choose an airline, vCalc will then let you compare your luggage against the airlines requirement as follows:

  • Compare Length
  • Compare Height
  • Compare Width
  • Compare Weight

vCalc will make the comparison and indicate if you've exceeded the requirements and by how much.

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