Above ground Storage Tank (AST) Volume

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KurtHeckman.Above ground Storage Tank (AST) Volume

The Above ground Storage Tank Volume calculator computes AST.png                       Above ground Storage Tank  the content volume of an above ground storage tank (AST) based on the tanks dimensions and the measurement of a dipstick (see Directions).  

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  • (l) Length of the storage tank
  • (w) Width of the storage tank
  • (h) Height of the storage tank (not including the legs - see Diagram)
  • (d) Depth of the liquid inside the tank (wet dipstick).

Volume: The calculator returns the volume in gallons.  However, this can be automatically converted to other volume units (e.g. liters, barrels) via the pull-down menu.

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Additional Information

This calculator answers the question, "How much is in my fuel tank?"  ASTs are used for home heating oil, kerosene and diesel fuel.

The typical AST has a cap that is used to refuel the tank.  This is the easiest place to insert a dipstick (measuring stick) to measure the depth (d) of the liquid content of the AST.   IMG_1312.JPG                  Above ground Storage Tank with diesel fuel

These pictures show an above ground storage tank with diesel fuel with a hand crank that pumps 10 gallons for every 100 turns of the pump crank(See Hand Pump Volume formula).  During cold periods, the fuel supplier will treat the diesel with an anti-freeze mixture, but this is only a concern if the temp is well below zero degrees F (e.g.-5 F or colder).


The tank in the picture has a factory label indicating a 266 gallon capacity.  It was installed at my farm by the good folks at Bruceton Petroleum.  The dimensions are 60" long (l), 27" wide (w), and (43 3/4") high (h).  If you enter a dipstick reading (d) equal to the height (43 3/4"), the algorithm produces 266.02 gallons.

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