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The Tip Checker calculator tells you how good of a tip your date has left.

INSTRUCTION: Choose currency units and enter the following:

  • (B)  This is the total amount of the Bill.
  • (T)  This is the Tip that your date left

Tip Checker (evaluation): The calculator tells you something about your date.

The Math / Science

This is a check of how good a tip your date is leaving for the wait staff.  The Tip Checker assumes:

  • <10% is a cheapskate
  • between 10% and less than 15% is low
  • exactly 15% is rather precise
  • between 15% and 20% is normal.
  • between 20% and 25% is generous, but maybe suspicious.
  • over 25% means your date is either extravagant, showing off, or wants the attention of the server (perhaps inappropriately).

NOTE: The above interpretations should only be used if one agrees with the stated premise.