Circular r-Permutation of n elements

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`P_c(n,r) = `
GerryPerham.Circular r-Permutation of n elements

The Circular Permutations calculator computes the number of circular permutations possible in a set of r elements from a finite set of n objects where different orders create different permutations (i.e. where order is important). 

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the following:

  • (n) The total number of objects in the circle.
  • (r) The size of the subset 

Circular Permutations: The calculator computes and return the number of circular permutations  Pc(n,r).

The Math

The formula for circular permuations is as follows:

                    Pc(n,r) = ` (n!)/(r(n-r)!)`

This equation computes the number of circular ordered arrangements of r distinct elements for a set of n elements. For example, the number of ways to arrange 5 children in a circle choosing from a group of n children.