Present Value (PV) Calculator

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Present Value PV Stock - Zero Growth
PV Factor PV Stock - Constant Growth
PV-Annuity PV-Growing Perpetuity
PV-Annuity Factor PV Growing Annuity
PV-Annuity Due PV-Continuous Compounding

The PV calculator is used to compute the future amount of money to reflect its current value.  This is based on the principle of Time-Value of money that emphasizes on the interest-earning potential of money.

The calculator has 10 buttons (click on the magenta buttons on the right side) for various computations. These include:

  • Present Value (PV)
  • PV Factor
  • PV Annuity
  • PV Annuity factor
  • PV Annuity due
  • PV Stock at Zero growth
  • PV Stock at Constant growth
  • PV Growing perpetuity
  • PV Growing annuity
  • PV Compounding