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Boltzmann / Planck Constants
`h ` (J*s)
`h ` / (2 `pi`)
`N_A` Avogadro
`k_B` (erg/K)
`k_B` (eV/K)
`k_B` (J/K)
Periodic Table of Elements - details
Moles at STP
Volume at STP
Combined Gas Law (final pressure)
Combined Gas Law (final temp.)
Combined Gas Law (final volume)
Ideal gas law (pressure)
Ideal gas law (molar form)
Ideal gas law (temperature)
Ideal gas law (volume)
Boyles Law (volume)
Charles Law (temperature)
Gay-Lussac Law (pressure)
Atomic Weight
atomic mass constant (kg)
R - Gas Constant (liter*atm / mol*K)
atomic unit of energy
atomic unit of mass
Molar Mass (Molar Weight)
Oxygen Molar Mass
Hydrogen Molar Mass
`"electron radius " (r_e)`
diameter gold nucleus

This calculator contains useful equations and constants that can be used when exploring the science of Chemistry.