The Summer Workweek

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9 to 5 Monday through Friday! That's the normal work week for most people and one would assume that more work gets done in the middle of the week. Remember "Hump Day"?   Well if it's a normal work week (no holidays) between September and May, that's probably true.  But during the summer, work productivity changes.  People do most of the work on Monday!  

Numbers don't lie, and at vCalc we see the work cycle every week and surrounding every holiday, even Spring Break.  We know when America is working and when it's goofing off.   

The following graph shows the amount of work related calculations that people do in the United States over a period of a few weeks.  You can plainly see the trend where the low point is on the weekend (Saturday) and starts back up on Sunday, so much for the day of rest, with a peak on Wednesday.  

Work Week.png   Non-holiday Workweeks 

Now look at the work week in the summer months.  It has the same low spot, Saturday, but the peak is on Monday and trails off from there. 

Summer Work Week.png Non-holiday Summer Workweeks

Furthermore, it's not that summer Mondays are super-charged.  They're not.  They are about the same as Mondays during the work/school year.  It's just that Tuesday is a little less than normal, and then it's way down hill.

The moral of the story?  

  • If it's important, schedule it on Wednesday, unless it's during the summer.  Then, schedule it on Monday.
  • More work gets done on Sunday than you'd expect.