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Corn Harvest Prediction

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Predicting the future can be really helpful in farming, but unless you know something about dead-cats and phases of the moon that I don't, the only real way to predict crop yields is with good science and good scientific tools. The good news is that for corn growers, the science is pretty simple, and the tools are free and you can use them via the calculator link featured below.The science was developed by agriculture instructors at the University of Maryland and t... Read More

Turn Silver into Cash with Math!

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If you take a look around your house at any given moment, you'll quickly find that you probably have a lot more silver laying around than you realized. Maybe you've got some old jewelry sitting around that you never wear anymore (seriously, a pinky ring? What were you thinking?), some old coins or maybe that old smartphone that you upgraded years ago has a lot of little silver components hidden inside the case.What you probably DON'T realize is that you might have q... Read More