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Counting the Jelly Beans, It's Not Cheating, It's Math!

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Easter Sunday has come and gone once again, which can only mean one thing - you're about to start finding Jelly Beans EVERYWHERE for the next few months. You'll find them in your couch cushions. You'll find them under your coffee table. They'll inject themselves into your life in a way that will be hard to get away from - luckily they're so delicious that you won't really mind that much.Easter ALSO means that you're about to start seeing more of those contents where... Read More

Guaranteed to Warm You - Calculating the Cost of Firewood

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I’ve used firewood to heat my homes for decades. When my wife and I were dating in college, we’d walk around the neighborhood and occasionally see the flicker of firelight from the windows of a home, and we’d always comment that we wanted a fireplace someday (queue the Beach Boys “Wouldn’t it be Nice”). Over the years we’ve had fire places, wood stoves and an outdoor wood furnace (above). For a while, back during Y2K, we even had a wood-fired kitchen stove that w... Read More

Deep Frying Your Turkey this Year? You'll Need This Calculator!

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Thanksgiving is on the horizon yet again and the minds of food aficionados everywhere are all undoubtedly trained on the same topic: delicious, incredible turkey dinners. If you had to make a list of all of the qualities that really illustrate why Thanksgiving is such a beloved holiday, that traditional family meal would no doubt be right at the top. Turkey dinner isn't just a great opportunity to indulge in one of life's finer pleasures, but it's also a great chanc... Read More